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                    Y Sound Systems

             Client to Server Network Functions

      This header file is only needed to build the libY2 library,
      there is no need to #include this file in any Y client program.

      For contact and programming information, see:




#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include "Y.h"
#include "Ylib.h"

 *    Standard inputs and protocol for inputs of all YNetParse*()
 *    functions:
      YConnection *con, \
      YEvent *event, \
      const u_int8_t *buf, \
      u_int32_t chunk_length, \
      u_int16_t major_op_code, \
      u_int16_t minor_op_code

      con, \
      event, \
      buf, \
      chunk_length, \
      major_op_code, \

extern int YNetSendAudioChangePreset(
      YConnection *con,
      const char *audio_mode_name
extern int YNetSendAudioChangeValues(
      YConnection *con,
      int sample_size,
      int channels,
      YDataLength sample_rate,
      int direction,
      int allow_fragmenting,
      int num_fragments,
      int fragment_size
extern int YNetParseAudioChange(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendCycleChange(YConnection *con, long cycle_us);
extern int YNetParseCycleChange(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendDisconnect(YConnection *con, int reason);
extern int YNetParseDisconnect(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendSetHost(
      YConnection *con,
      u_int16_t minor_op_code,
      YIPUnion *ip
extern int YNetParseSetHost(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendSetMixerChannel(
      YConnection *con,
      int mixer_code,
      Coefficient value1, Coefficient value2,
      Coefficient value3, Coefficient value4
extern int YNetSendGetMixerChannel(YConnection *con, int mixer_code);
extern int YNetParseMixerChannel(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendSoundPlay(
      YConnection *con,
      YID yid,
      const char *path,
      YDataPosition pos,
      YVolumeStruct *volume,
      int sample_rate,
      int repeats
extern int YNetParseSoundPlay(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendSoundKill(YConnection *con, YID yid);
extern int YNetParseSoundKill(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendGetSoundObjectAttributes(
      YConnection *con,
      const char *path
extern int YNetParseSoundObjectAttributes(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendShutdown(YConnection *con, int reason);
extern int YNetParseShutdown(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendSync(YConnection *con, long cycle_ahead_us);
extern int YNetParseSync(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendGetAudioStats(YConnection *con);
extern int YNetParseAudioStats(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendGetServerStats(YConnection *con);
extern int YNetParseServerStats(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendListAudioModes(YConnection *con);
extern int YNetParseListAudioModes(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendSetSoundObjectPlayValues(
      YConnection *con, YEventSoundPlay *value
extern int YNetSendGetSoundObjectPlayValues(YConnection *con, YID yid);
extern int YNetParseSoundObjectPlayValues(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendClientMessage(
      YConnection *con,
      Boolean notify_self,
      int format,
      int type,
      const char *message,
      int length
extern int YNetParseClientMessage(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendYSHMSoundOpen(YConnection *con);
extern int YNetParseYSHMSoundOpen(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendAudioCDPlayTrack(YConnection *con, int track_number);
extern int YNetSendAudioCDStop(YConnection *con);
extern int YNetSendAudioCDEject(YConnection *con);
extern int YNetParseAudioCD(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetSendListAudioCDTracks(YConnection *con);
extern int YNetParseListAudioCDTracks(YCNP_STD_INPUTS_PROTO);

extern int YNetRecv(YConnection *con);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif      /* YCLIENTNET_H */

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