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                 Audio File Library Wrapper

#ifndef AFW_H
#define AFW_H

#include <sys/types.h>
#include "ytypes.h"
#include "ysound.h"
#include "midiiow.h"

 *    Audio format codes:
#define AFWFileFormatUnknown        0
#define AFWFileFormatRaw            1
#define AFWFileFormatWav            2
#define AFWFileFormatVoc            3
#define AFWFileFormatMP3            4
#define AFWFileFormatMidi           10

 *    Audio format wrapper data structure:
typedef struct {

      /* Pointer to allocated native audio library data struct. */
      void *ptr;

      /*   One of AFWFileFormat* (determines pointer type of
       *   member ptr).
      int file_format;

      /* Format as a sound object, one of SndObjType*. */
      int sndobj_format;

      /* Entire length of audio data (not size of file). */
      YDataLength entire_length;

      /* Audio library's buffer, this contains a *duplicate* of
       * the loaded DSP data from the library's structure.
      SoundBuffer *buffer;
      YDataLength length;

      /* Block align and length. */
      YDataPosition block_align;
      YDataLength block_length;

      /* Audio parameters. */
      int sample_size;
      int channels;
      int sample_rate;
      int bytes_per_sec;

      /* MIDI Specific members. */
      pid_t pid;        /* PID of process playing MIDI. */

} AFWDataStruct;

extern int AFWOpen(const char *path, AFWDataStruct *af_data);

extern int AFWLoadSegment(
      AFWDataStruct *af_data,
      YDataPosition position,
      YDataLength length,
      Audio *audio

extern void AFWClose(AFWDataStruct *af_data, Audio *audio);

#endif      /* AFW_H */

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