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                      YIFF Global Options

      Also file and directory names structure.

#ifndef OPTIONS_H
#define OPTIONS_H

#include <limits.h>

#include "../include/Y2/Ymixercodes.h"

#include "ytypes.h"
#include "ysound.h"

 *    Options Structure:
typedef struct {

      Boolean         debug;

      /* Listening port number, clients connect to this port number
       * to reach us (this server).
      int port;

      /* Current or last set Audio values. */
      Audio audio;

      /* Refresh interval. */
      YDeltaTime refresh_int;

      /* Command to run midi player. */
      char *midi_play_cmd;

      /* ALSA MIDI device port number, used by the ALSA MIDI driver
       * for multiple MIDI device support. Can be -1 to indicate it
       * is not set.
      int midi_device_number;
#endif  /* ALSA_RUN_CONFORM */

      /* Current or last mixer channel device values for the mixer
       * opened on the recorder's Audio structure.
/* Note that we may need one for each mixer if later on there is
 * support for multiple mixers.
      Coefficient mixer_value[YTotalMixers][YMixerValues];

} yiff_option_struct; 
extern yiff_option_struct option;

 *      File names:
typedef struct {

      char rcfile[PATH_MAX + NAME_MAX];
      char mixerrcfile[PATH_MAX + NAME_MAX];

      char device[PATH_MAX + NAME_MAX];
      char mixer[PATH_MAX + NAME_MAX];

} yiff_fname_struct;
extern yiff_fname_struct fname;

#endif      /* OPTIONS_H */

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