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      Audio playstacks.

      Acts as `bookmarks' for the number of audio files
      currently being played.



#include <sys/types.h>
#include "afw.h"
#include "ytypes.h"

typedef struct {

      /*   Audio file format wrapper, contains data about file
       *   associated with this play stack.
      AFWDataStruct afw_data;

      /*   ID Code to identify this PlayStack.  A set of PlayStacks
       *   owned by a certain single owner (see below) may not
       *   (should not) have duplicate yid codes.
      YID yid;

      /*  Owner of this PlayStack.  This reffers to a connection
       *  number.
      YConnectionNumber owner;

      /* Permissions of this PlayStack. */
      YPermission permission;

      /* Current play position in audio data. */
      YDataPosition position;

      /* Entire length of audio data. */
      YDataLength data_length;

      /* Applied sample rate (convert actual sample rate to this).
       * This value has no affect if the sound object is of type
       * SndObjTypeMIDI.
      int applied_sample_rate;

      /* Block alignment. */
      YDataPosition block_align;

      /* Current block alighment */
      YDataPosition cur_block;

      /* Total blocks. */
      YDataLength block_length;

      /* DSP buffer. */
      SoundBuffer *dsp_buf;
      YDataLength dsp_buf_len,            /* Allocated size of dsp_buf. */
                  dsp_buf_data_len; /* Non-garbage data length. */

      /* Repeat counter, the number of times the audio data
       * has been completely played.
      int repeats;

      /* Number of times to play. Or -1 to play infinatly
       * or untill owner destroys this playstack.
      int total_repeats;

      /* Volume (for DSP type sound objects only). */
      Coefficient volume_left, volume_right,
                  volume_back_left, volume_back_right;

} PlayStack;

extern PlayStack **playstack;
extern int total_playstacks;

extern int PlayStackIsAllocated(int n);
extern PlayStack *PlayStackGetPtr(int n);

extern int PlayStackAllocate();
extern void PlayStackReset(int n);
extern void PlayStackDelete(int n);

extern void PlayStackDeleteAll();
extern void PlayStackReclaim();

#endif      /* PLAYSTACK_H */

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