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                          Page Stepper Widget

#ifndef PSTEPPER_H
#define PSTEPPER_H

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#ifndef gbool
# define gbool    gboolean

 *    Page stepper structure:
typedef struct {

      gbool initialized;
      gbool map_state;

      GtkAccelGroup *accelgrp;

      GtkWidget   *toplevel,
                  *pages_toplevel, *nariatives_toplevel,

      /* Current page and total pages. Note that total pages will
       * be used to indicate all array members here.
      gint current_page;
      gint total_pages;

      /* Array of page and nariative client set toplevel widgets.
       * Allocation size of array indicated by total_pages.
      GtkWidget **page;
      GtkWidget **nariative_strip;

      /* Array if client data pointers for each page. Allocation size
       * indicated by total_pages.
      gpointer *client_data;

      /* Array of callback function pointers which correspond to
       * each page. Callback inputs are; page stepper pointer,
       * prev page, new page, client data.
       * void (*page_cb)(gpointer, gint, gint, gpointer)
      void **page_cb;

      /* Exit client data and callback. */
      gpointer exit_client_data;
      void (*exit_cb)(gpointer, gint, gpointer);

      /* Finish client data and callback. */
      gpointer finish_client_data;
        void (*finish_cb)(gpointer, gint, gpointer);

      /* Label text used for back/exit button. */
      gchar *back_text, *exit_text;

      /* Label text used for next/finish button. */
      gchar *next_text, *finish_text;

      /* Back/exit and next/finish buttons. */
      GtkWidget *back_btn, *back_btn_label;
      GtkWidget *next_btn, *next_btn_label;

} pstepper_struct;

extern pstepper_struct *PStepperCreate(
      gchar *title,
      const gchar *back_text, const gchar *exit_text,
      const gchar *next_text, const gchar *finish_text,
      gint width, gint height,            /* Can be 0. */
      gpointer exit_client_data,
      void (*exit_cb)(gpointer, gint, gpointer),
      gpointer finish_client_data,
      void (*finish_cb)(gpointer, gint, gpointer)
extern gint PStepperAppend(
      pstepper_struct *ps,
      GtkWidget *page, GtkWidget *nariative,
      gpointer client_data,
      void (*page_cb)(gpointer, gint, gint, gpointer)
extern void PStepperChangePage(
      pstepper_struct *ps, gint page_num,
        gbool report_change
extern gint PStepperGetPage(pstepper_struct *ps);
extern void PStepperMap(pstepper_struct *ps);
extern void PStepperUnmap(pstepper_struct *ps);
extern void PStepperDestroy(pstepper_struct *ps);

#endif      /* PSTEPPER_H */

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